jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Days Go By

Okay, so to not bore you with anything with a long-ass list of useless, boring deets, I´m just gonna cut to the chase. This actually isn´t like a diary or a journal or something. This is to tell people how people in the world are. You may be thinking “What the hell have I gotten into?”. Well, you´re wrong. This isn´t like any other blogs that comment on a certain theme (like fashion, cars, blah blah blah). No. This is to describe whats happening to me. I´m not gonna give out the real names because of privacy conditions.
Where to start? Theres this chick (I´m gonna call her Thunder Thighs, or T.T in case I´m lazy) called, well you guessed it, Thunder Thighs. It´s actually a long story why I call her this. Okay, briefly summarised, she plays tennis since, literally and meaphorically, before she was born. I swear she´s like the next Caroline Wozniacki, but tackier. She´s straight-ass smart. Like a living Albert Einstein, but as a girl. She has an ex-boyfriend (which I have a mad crush on) and she´s still in love with him. We´re gonna call this dude Captain World, or C.W. So T.T and C.W have had like a HUGE history of on-and-off relationship. Tacky. Last year, I met him. It was the worst meet-and-get-to-know-someone. It went like this:
C.W: Are you Skyler Hamilton?
ME: Umm, yeah.
C.W: Nice to meet you.
ME: Yeah, sure. Whatevs.
Lame-issimo. I would´ve just punched him if I were a guy. Like, you don´t introduce yourself to a girl like that. Douche bag.
Well, I think thats it for today, don´t you think?
Enjoy your day,
Skyler Hamilton